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Guidance From An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

Last updated on March 2, 2021

Looking out for your loved ones is an essential aspect of estate planning. You want to ensure that your assets go to the people whom you have chosen whether in a will or trust. But you also want to relieve your loved ones of any burdens, so you implement a health care directive or living will, and name powers of attorney.

You need a knowledgeable and experienced adviser to help you make these plans come to fruition. Jenkins Bagley Sperry, PLLC, in St. George, Utah, is a team of attorneys with more than 70 years of combined experience. We will listen to you and help you formulate a thorough and detailed estate plan that will provide peace of mind to you and your family.

We Understand Wills, Trusts And The Probate Process

Estate planning does not have to be difficult. Many people may think it is difficult, but all they need is a little research and persuasion to get started. Effective, knowledgeable and understanding, we will answer your questions and put you at ease in estate planning matters that may include:

  • Wills, creating this legal document provides your wishes as to what will happen to your estate and how you want assets distributed
  • Trusts, allowing you to manage your assets while you remain alive
  • Naming an executor who will oversee and settle your estate during the probate process
  • Naming powers of attorney in financial and health matters if you are no longer able to do so
  • Health care directive or living will, providing instructions as to whether you want to be treated or not by health care professionals in situations in which you may be comatose

Our attorneys also have a thorough grasp of the probate process and estate administration. We can help you settle your estate, validate the will, distribute assets to beneficiaries and settle any disputes that may have surfaced.

Pairing estate planning legal knowledge with our skills in real estate law, we can help you with the transfer of any real estate such as your home, second-home, seasonal residences, investment properties and land investments.

Contact An Experienced Law Firm Now

Jenkins Bagley Sperry, PLLC, in St. George, Utah, can help you assemble an estate plan. Whether you seek to create a will, trust or have questions about estate planning, we have the know-how to guide you. For an initial consultation, please contact us online or call 435-656-8200.